Ghostly Pineapples

Pineapples have been trending over the last few years. We’ve been to parties where pineapples are painted various colors to match the theme and every Halloween we have been making pineapple lanterns for nighttime fun. But why not combine the two methods and have a painted pineapple that glows in the dark?

Project Time: 20 Minutes
Dry Time: 1 hour
Makes: 3-4

3-4 Pineapples

1 Can Krylon “Glowz” Paint (Green)

Black Light

Step 1
Read directions and follow safety guidelines for spray paint can.
Step 2
Some pineapples if refrigerated will be moist. Be sure pineapples are dry to the touch. When pineapples are dry you are ready to paint.
Step 3
Using the Krylon “Glowz” paint, spray any part of the pineapple that you want to glow.
Step 4
Test the pineapples under a black light. Take note that there are a few things to consider:
  1. The strength and size of your blacklight will affect the glow of your object.
  2. This paint also glows on its own using the charge of light, but will wear out over time.
Step 5
After testing the pineapples, determine whether or not you need to spray your pineapple with an additional coat of paint. My preference is to use one lighter coat of paint. This style gives the pineapple a more “ghostly” look as you can still see the pineapple pattern.
Step 6
Display pineapples near a black light.